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no gods no kings no masters

That moment when you’re in your towel talking to your friends and you hear a knock on the door. Open it. And it’s one of your guys friends. Also when later he looks over at me and I jokingly go, don’t look at me! And he says something along the lines of, “not to worry, my penis is surely flacid, I am unaroused.” This is just one of those moments where you’re awkwardly insulted yet trying to seem relieved…

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how come girls line the bottoms of their eyes and look so pretty but when i do i look like 2005 pete wentz?? how come girls wear all black and look so pretty but i look like 2005 pete wentz??? how come girls can have side bangs and look so pretty but when i do i look like 2005 pete wentz??? how do girls do anything without looking like 2005 pete wentz???

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When ur teacher thinks you’re listening but ur really eating spaghetti

Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” and Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” in one painting

A Baby Elephant Blowing Bubbles




remember me for centuries

currently #11 on itunes let’s get this thing into the top 10 😁  

fall out boys marketing techniques are so strange and misinformed

I will remember him

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can someone be my boyfriend. Great. Talk to you later.

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This screen shot is a post-modern art masterpiece.